This is my Lake Fork Fishing Report for 02-24-21

Lake Fork and North East Texas was hit by a severe Winter Storm crippling the area. Freezing the Lake solid in the shallow parts of the Lake. Water Temperatures plummeted over 20 degrees, putting the bass in shock. The fishing has brutal the last few days. The best chance to putting fish in the boat is going deep with a jigging spoon. The best is one of Roy Greer’s Spoon.

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Lake Fork Fishing Report 03-06-20

Best Fishing Moments of 2019

Thanks to Guides I fished with:

Mike McFarland (602) 826-1524

Mark Pack (903) 520 8085

Eric Wright (972) 757 7947

Roy Greer

Lake Fork Bass Fishing Seminar 02-15-19 pt.2

Lake Fork Bass Fishing Seminar 02-15-19 pt. 2

Lake Fork Bass Fishing Seminar 02-15-19 pt.1

Lake Fork Bass Fishing Seminar 02-15-19 pt.1


Lake Fork Bass Fishing: Shell Bed Tips

Lake Fork Bass Fishing: Shell Bed Tips


Lake Fork Fishing Report 02-15-19 (Shell Bed Fishing on Lake Fork)

This report I report on the current Lake Fork fishing conditions and then Lake Fork Guide Mike McFarland teaches us and explains how to find Shell Beds using your Electronics, boat positioning and when to fish them.

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Lake Fork Fishing Report 01-17-19

Lake Fork Fishing Report 01-17-19

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