This my Lake Fork Fishing Report for 10-02-21 The bass has moved very shallow at Lake Fork. I heard most are catching bass in 5ft of water or less. I would also suggest downsizing on your baits, 4 in creature baits and 6-7 in worms. Underspins and small spinnerbaits as well.


This is my Lake Fork Fishing Report for 02-24-21

Lake Fork and North East Texas was hit by a severe Winter Storm crippling the area. Freezing the Lake solid in the shallow parts of the Lake. Water Temperatures plummeted over 20 degrees, putting the bass in shock. The fishing has brutal the last few days. The best chance to putting fish in the boat is going deep with a jigging spoon. The best is one of Roy Greer’s Spoon.

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This is my Lake Fork Fishing Report for OCTOBER 15TH 2020

The Fall transition has happen on the Lake Fork the cooler weather has cooled down the water temperatures. The fishing was excellent on Lake Fork last weekend. We caught 40+ Bass on a Watermelon colored Baby Brush Hogs on the Drop Shot & Shakey Heads.

Lake Fork Fishing Report 08-02-20

Lake Fork Fishing 08-02-20

Dog Days of Summer are here. I was able to get on Lake Fork Thursday Morning and fish with my friend and Lake Guide Mike McFarland. We fished a half day fishing deep brush piles and shell beds. I am continuing to catch them on a Drop Shot. Hear about it in my report.

A Morning on the Water with Lake Fork Guide Mike McFarland – 07-30-20

This another video in my series, Fishing with my Favorite Lake Fork Guides. Today, I’m fishing the morning with Lake Fork Guide Mike McFarland. Mike is focusing on Deep Water Shell Beds and Brush Piles, See us both catch fish using very different approaches to tackle the Dogs Days of Summer catching Bass on Lake Fork.

If you need more help fishing Lake Fork, you can always book a fishing trip with Mike at his next open date.

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Bass Champs Lake Fork Mega Bass AAR 07-30-20

This is my Bass Champs Lake Fork Mega Bass After Action Report. We caught fish but not the right size fish. Record amount of anglers on the water and record amount of Overs weighed in during the Tournament

Lake Fork Fishing Report 07-05-20

The Dog Days of Summer are here at Lake Fork. Fishing is a grind now at Lake Fork. Lake Fork humps, ridges and deep water points are good with Carolina Rigs, Drop Shots and Shaking Heads. Flutter Spoons are good if bait fish are present on humps, ridges and deep lake points.

Lake Fork Dropshot Fishing with Mark Pack 06-26-20

In this video, I am fishing again with Bass Pro & Lake Fork Guide Mark Pack. Today we are fishing a Dropshot Rig using Zoom Finesse Worms on 9 lb test Gamma Fluorocarbon line. We were able to catch 15 bass before some Thunder Storms ran us off the Lake.

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Best Fishing Moments of 2019

Thanks to Guides I fished with:

Mike McFarland (602) 826-1524

Mark Pack (903) 520 8085

Eric Wright (972) 757 7947

Roy Greer