This is my Lake Fork Fishing Report for 03-14-21

The Spawn is beginning on Lake Fork, big females can be caught in staging areas in about 6-8 ft on White Chatterbaits. A lot of buck bass are being caught very shallow now too. Look for Dirty Water.

Tackle Tips – Strike King Rage Tail Cut-R Worm

This video is the debut video in a new series of videos I plan to put out periodically. This series is going to be about baits, bait storage and other fishing gear and equipment to help you put Bass in the boat.

The Strike King Rage Tail Cut-R Worm is one of the most versatile baits on the market you can use it so many ways and it puts Bass in the Boat.

Fishing on Lake Fork 04-23-20

Lake Fork Fishing Report 04-25-20

Best Fishing Moments of 2019

Thanks to Guides I fished with:

Mike McFarland (602) 826-1524

Mark Pack (903) 520 8085

Eric Wright (972) 757 7947

Roy Greer

Brandon Cobb wins Bassmaster Texas Fest with 114 pounds!

BASSMASTERS ELITE SERIES : Top patterns at Lake Fork


LAKE FORK FISHING REPORT 04-12-19 Fishing with Roy Greer

Thursday I went fishing with my friend and Lake Fork Guide Roy Greer.

Roy Greer