The Search for My Next Bass Boat Part 6 – The Deal

Bass Champs Lake Fork Mega Bass AAR 07-30-20

This is my Bass Champs Lake Fork Mega Bass After Action Report. We caught fish but not the right size fish. Record amount of anglers on the water and record amount of Overs weighed in during the Tournament

Fishing on Lake Fork 04-23-20

Lake Fork Fishing Report 04-25-20

2018 Tracker 175 TXW (2 Year Update)

I’ve had my 2018 Tracker 175 TXW for 2 years now.
I show my recent upgrades and share my thought on my 2018 Tracker TXW.

Upgrading Garmin EchoMap Ultra and Panoptix Livescope Units from a Micro SD card

In this video, I will show you how to upgrade/update a Garmin EchoMap Ultra 106sv Units and a Garmin Panoptix Livescope from a Micro SD card.

Best Fishing Moments of 2019

Thanks to Guides I fished with:

Mike McFarland (602) 826-1524

Mark Pack (903) 520 8085

Eric Wright (972) 757 7947

Roy Greer