Back in the Saddle Again

Last Saturday, I fished Lake Fork the first time in over Four years. One of my former fishing buddies bought a Skeeter Boat and we took it out on a cold and windy day. The bites were few and far between but it bought back some good memories. The fish I caught, the McDonald’s Tournament, and fishing with my friends.

I fished Lake Fork for 18 years, from 1996 to 2014. Hard-core from 1998 to 2009. In 2009, I severely injured my right foot, being a Lefty, that was foot ran the trolling motor, which put me in the back seat and limited my fishing to only when I had someone that could run the front end with me. In 2012, I developed a heart condition until that left me dizzy headed and balance challenged. So, after only using my boat three times for 2012-2014. I sold my 1995 Stratos 268, a boat that served me well, sold and gave away my tackle and stopped fishing.

Feeling better and even out on the rough day. I decided to start Fishing again. I don’t whether this blog will go in depth as my old ” Fishin Fork” site did. This Blog will be a work in Progress. I will be added links and content I as go.



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